Banca & Seguros
English for Banking
18 hours | 3 days
  • Welcoming clients
  • Managing demands and complaints
  • Opening, maintenance and closing of accounts
  • Bank transfers and other means of payment
  • Credit
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Online Services and Apps
  • Formal Written Communication


Be able to:  
  • use specific banking vocabulary with accuracy, fluency, and confidence; discuss roles, structures,  perations, services, competition, marketing,consumer credit, electronic banking
  • acquire the language skills to communicate with clients and manage customer feedback
  • make use of this vocabulary to offer viewpoints, give opinions, and make comparisons of financial products

To whom it is adressed

This trainig is addressed to people whose day-to-day activities require a solid background and efficient use of banking terms in English. Taught in small groups, the program requires that the participant already has an intermediate command of the English language (Lower level). All activities are performed in class, making the program appropriate for busy professionals.

Why atending this training

Because it focuses on communication and provides a dynamic introduction to specialized English, successfully combining the understanding of banking concepts and processes with the use of such terminology in realistic business contexts. Teaching activities include reviewing texts; flowcharts; diagrams; vocabulary exercises; speaking/listening exercises; role playing; case studies.