Eficácia & Coaching
Corporate Communication Protocol 
12 hours | 2 days
    • Who is included in the communications?

    • What will be communicated?

      • What detail level?

      • What levels will we require closed-loop communication?

    • When to commmunicate?

      • Establishing communication

      • Expanding audience

      • Sending communication even though there is nothing to report

      • Contracting audience

      • Ending communication

    • Where will the tracking of the communications be maintained?

    • Why is the level or depth of communication required for a given issue?

    • How will we communicate?

      • Phone

      • Email

      • Posting on Website

      • Sneaker Net

      • Snail Mail


Be able to:  
  • Master good business etiquette skills, including the ever-evolving technology etiquette, which are an asset and send a message to clients that you are professional and credible and someone with whom they want to do business.

To whom it is addressed

Taught in small groups, the program requires that the participant already has an intermediate command of the English language (Lower level). All activities are performed in class, making the program appropriate for busy professionals.

Why attending this training

To develop a “Communication Protocol” for all employees to use, when appropriate, for respectful communication and effective conflict management.