Línguas Estrangeiras
English for Hotel Staff - Workshop
36 horas | 6 dias
  • Greeting and Receiving Guests
  • Dealing with Guest Requests, Problems and Complaints
  • Offering Help and Advice, Describing Hotel Facilities and Giving Directions
  • Food and Beverage Vocabulary
  • Taking Orders, Describing and Recommending Food Dishes
  • Billing Queries
  • Farewells


Be able to:  
  • Greet and receive guests in a polite and friendly manner
  • Manage the requests, problems and complaints presented by the guests with efficiency and confidence
  • Offer help and advice whenever necessary, namely, giving directions and describing hotel facilities
  • Manage guest orders, describe and recommend food and beverage products
  • Explain billing details and expenses to guests
  • Bid farewell to guests in a friendly manner

To Whom It is Adressed

This training is addressed to people whose day-to-day activities occur in a hotel and/or catering environment and involve constant contact with foreign English- speaking guests, therefore requiring a detailed and precise knowledge of the English language for this business activity. A basic knowledge of the English language is required. All activities are performed in class, making the program appropriate for busy professionals.

Why Attend this Training

Because it focuses on communication and provides a dynamic introduction to hotel and catering English, successfully combining the understanding of guest welcoming and management with the use of hotel and catering vocabulary in realistic contexts. Teaching activities include reviewing texts; vocabulary exercises; speaking/listening exercises; role playing.