Línguas Estrangeiras
Portuguese for Foreigners
36 hours| 6 days
  • Greet and say goodbye 
  • Introduce someone and react when presented
  • To congratulate and thank
  • Identify and describe people, places, objects and moods
  • Compare people, objects, places, situations and actions
  • Express reasons
  • Refer usual actions or the present moment
  • Express opinions and ask about someone or something
  • Express and ask about likes, satisfaction and desires
  • Express and ask about the preferences
  • Ask for something in a public establishment 
  • Ask about the price of an object
  • Show misunderstanding and ask for repetition of what was said
  • Asking someone to speak more slowly or higher


Be able to:  
  • realize the differences in foreign language structure in relation to the Portuguese structure
  • know the main grammatical elements
  • use basic vocabulary on business 
  • know and apply specific terminology

To whom it is addressed

All those who for professional or personal reasons need to deepen knowledge in Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Participants must have a previous basics knowledge of the language.

Why attend this training

To acquire knowledge and skills about verbal expressions and writing skills in Portuguese, so you can handle the most common situations of everyday life, communicate wants and needs in a basic way.